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twinklefish is a "web 2.0", open source start-up, web-based operating system (webOS)

imagine an operating system that didn't care if you preferred using apple, microsoft, beOS, next, atari, ti-99, amiga or linux.

imagine an OS that didn't care if you were accessing your data from a palm, a blackberry, wap, a kiosk, pocketPC, treo, a car, a refrigerator or a moped.

and we're talking *all* of your data. your contacts, your emails, your calendars, your task lists, your "powerpoint" presentations, your "word" documents, your spreadsheets, your photos, your bookmarks, your phone calls, your snail mail (yes, your snail mail in PDF format) get the idea. your life, available 24/7 online.

oh, and you can ditch all of those old expensive desktop applications because we'll provide those for you, too. (did we mention you can share all this data securely (encrypted) with special friends and co-workers as well?) long tail, schmongtail. social, smoschal. twinklefish *is* the missing link.

old-school systems are just complicated onboarding tools and/or appliances and do not contribute to the task-at-hand...getting good work done quickly and simply and reliably. twinklefish makes your life more enjoyable...saving you time and effort and saving you from frustration. less noise, more signal...that's the twinklefish way.

twinklefish webOS thinks it has the solution to the frustrations that we encounter in this networked-society and we will be releasing a public beta at the end of Q3 2007. this thing is going to be more popluar than Jesus, sexier than Moses, and more talked about than the impending apocalypse.

want to test it before then?

if you'd like to participate in the pre-beta beta (alpha beta), just ask for an invitation.