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about twinklefish web 2.0

we are an adjective-rich, venture-capitalist- friendly company busy developing the next-generation of smart ajax-rich internet applications. our webOS is platform and device independent and allows you to have your data available anywhere, anytime. easily *and* securely.

it's *more* than wikis, it's *more* than RSS feeds, it's *more* than just mashups and the aggregating of photos and bookmarks. it's your entire persona *on* the net!

it's a whole new way to work and play and *live*, online and off (yes, work offline and just sync at the next wi-fi!).

how are we different than every other "web2.0" play out there? easy. we are thinking bigger, and more importantly, we know how to scale. any little start-up can have a 'neat' idea, but when it comes to deploying the idea to 10's of millions of users, well, they come up short. way short, my little fishy friend.

stay tuned!